Changshu Kunlun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the high-tech zone of Changshu City, in China’s smart car building. The company provides design, testing services and testing equipment for intelligent connected vehicle testing sites.

According to the actual conditions, the design of the test field for intelligent connected vehicle testing is designed. For advanced driver assistance systems, design test scenarios and develop test outlines for automated driving and V2X testing. According to the characteristics of the intelligent connected vehicle test, develop special test equipment, cooperate with other special equipment, and build an overall test and data collection and recording environment. Provide testing services in combination with Changshu Proving Ground and related equipment. For special vehicles or fleets, a complete system is provided for vehicle information collection, background monitoring, fleet management and big data analysis to form a complete intelligent travel solution.

Our Location:

Headquarter:Changshu · China

R&D and Engineering Center:Suzhou / Shanghai

Sales Office:Suzhou / Shanghai

Laboratory:Suzhou / Shanghai