Data Acquisition System

  • Accurate information collection for vehicles in the field test
  • The iTT used for intelligent connected car testing mainly focuses on the intelligent system information records in the vehicle, such as AEB brake reaction time; V2X communication; ACC following distance and time; braking time point of automatic driving, turning trajectory, etc.
  • Used for traditional car testing, recording traditional mechanical performance related information
  • For new electronic applications, powerful functions and rich interfaces can be used for rapid prototyping

iTT Characteristic

  • ADAS data and video integration is more conducive to the analysis of test results
  • Suitable for various ADAS applications such as ACC/AEB/FCW/LDW/BSD
  • Support real-time data return, which is convenient for engineers to analyze test data in time
  • Fast installation, simple setting and convenient operation
  • Support multi-vehicle networking test, support high-reliability vehicle regulation communication (DSRC, LTE-V)
  • Does not rely on its own differential base station, can stand-alone test in most areas of the country, and can provide absolute high-precision position coordinates
  • Positioning accuracy to 2cm

Working Environment

Working voltage: DC voltage 9.5 ~30V

Operating temperature:-20°C ~ +85°C

storage temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C

Vibration:10Hz ~ 55Hz

Displacement amplitude:0.075mm 55Hz ~150Hz 


System Parameters

LCD specification:10.4”TFT Screen



Resistive touch

System Specifications

ARM Cortex-A9 CPU

2/4G DDR3 RAM(Capacity options)

Built-in SATA SSD hard drive(Capacity options)

USB 2.0

Standard SD card interface

Test ground for smart/traditional cars

Vehicle manufacturing enterprises

Smart/traditional car parts develop