Intelligent Connected Vehicle power system test

  • Provide test cycle design (cycle definition) and equipment
  • Provide road information based on ADASIS v2 standard
  • Provide traffic light information based on DSRC (including infrastructure) standards
  • Test implementation and data collection
  • Vehicle restructuring and upgrade support
  • During the test, the customer’s EVC SW used road and traffic sign information to provide the best speed recommendations for EV mileage expansion

Prototype provider of intelligent Connected Vehicle road test and map module

  • Road test for an EU OEM ADAS vehicle (L2) covering 20,000 kilometers of urban roads and highways
  • Provide ADAS map module, replace the original module with Av2 standard
  • Test road selection
  • Data collection and transmission
  • Customs clearance and maintenance of vehicles

Intelligent Connected Vehicle Regulation Test/Bottom Test

  • Provide test scenarios and test solutions
  • Provide test equipment and test engineers, test drivers
  • Provide test site and test tools (target person, target vehicle)
  • Test implementation and data collection
  • Analyze test data and issue test report
  • The tested functions cover AEB, ACC, BSD, LKA, APA, autonomous driving
  • Test scenarios include regulatory definition scenarios (Euro-NCAP, C-NCAP, i-VISTA, etc.), customer-defined scenarios and KUNLUN-defined scenarios
  • Support testing at third-party venues